Books on spirituality: 5 recommended books that will awaken you image

Books on spirituality: 5 recommended books that will awaken you

Many experts agree that the main diseases of the 21st century will be anxiety, stress and depression. And the evidence that these claims come very close to reality is becoming more and more evident.

To combat various psychological pathologies, most people turn to a specialist. However, for some conditions, such as the ones we talked about earlier, there are a multitude of self-help tools that have already been used by thousands of people to make them happier. Among these self-help tools we certainly find books on spirituality , with the possibility of choosing what we feel closest to us, from books on Christian spirituality to books on the soul or oriental philosophy.

The mind is a very powerful organ, much more than we think, and its potential often backfires on us. Today we bring you a series of self-help, psychology and spirituality books that will open the door to change your state of mind.

However, to make their learning better, it is recommended to read them with an open mind and without rushing. And if you want more, don't forget to check out the books to improve yourself .

1. The Power of Now - A guide to spiritual enlightenment. The discovery of the "here" and "now" of one's true Being by Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a German spiritual leader, who does not belong to any religion or movement, who only tries to teach us not to suffer, to manage pain, to live in the present, to educate the ego and attachment. If you find yourself searching for your place on the planet, in an existential crisis, or simply want to stop the suffering or give up the need, this book will change your life.

In “The Power of the Now” the author presents us a way to get in touch with our true self, with our essence, and avoid the chains that we unconsciously generate: to live in the present. This exact second you are reading these words.

This interesting book is easy to read, thanks to the clarity of the message conveyed by Eckhart Tolle, through a multitude of examples and metaphors that make it more and more enveloping.

You can purchase a copy of "The Power of Now" here .

2. Slow and Fast Thoughts

Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman is considered one of the most important intellectuals of our time, and proof of this is the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in psychology on the rational model of decision-making.

This book, a little more rational, will help you discover new points of view and understand parts of human thought that you probably didn't know anything about before, thus better understanding why we do what we do and how we arrive at those decisions.

In Think Fast, Think Slow, Daniel Kahneman exposes the two ways or systems that control our way of thinking, and tries to give us the tools so that we can gain the power to improve the quality of our life through the quality of our thoughts. A 100% recommendable book if you want to understand a little better how our internal circuits work and learn how to work around them, especially if they are causing blockages or negative episodes in your life.

You can find out more about this book through this link .

3. Your Erroneous Zones - Guide to the independence of the spirit

Wayne W. Dyer

This book, which was written a few years ago, is still a reference for many psychologists today. “Your Wrong Zones” is a book on spirituality that shows us which negative behaviors prevent us from being happy, and through practical tools promotes a positive change in our attitude.

Furthermore, thanks to the exercises that Wayne Dyer proposes after each chapter, it is possible to continuously work on your behavior and identify your irrational beliefs. You can get a copy via the book garden at this link.

4. Invent Life - Nine spiritual principles to create your own destiny

Wayne W. Dyer

Another interesting book on spirituality by the same author (W. Dyer) that deserves to be mentioned is “Inventing your life”. This book tells you about all the times you have mistakenly convinced yourself that, even if you want to change, you cannot do it because you are made in a certain way. You have the power within you to accomplish whatever you set out to do, but you have to focus on your inner self and seek it out. This book presents 9 spiritual principles that are within us, and if we can reconnect with them they will show us the way to change. Highly recommended if we want to make a positive change to our attitude.

5. Mindfulness for Beginners

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Conceived as a guide to initiation into full awareness, this book is one of the best on the subject. In it, Jon Kabat-Zinn tries to make the reader experience a change of attitude towards the daily routine, so that he can experience his life in an active, full and conscious way.

This book is like a simple manual of practice, which includes among others, powerful techniques of meditation and awareness, to bring the reader back to his true nature, in which we feel as a harmonious part of it: we touch, smell, taste and enjoy. what surrounds us at all times.

If you think you need a boost to live a less forward-looking life, this book is what you need. Kabat-Zinn will guide you through the transformation, teaching you to enjoy every second you have. You can acquire and learn more about this book through this link.