Different spiritual paths can lead to similar results image

Different spiritual paths can lead to similar results

We can take the spiritual path we prefer but there are universal teachings

If you are a person who has to do with spirituality and you have tested different currents and methodologies, you will surely have noticed that:

In the myriad of different styles, information and derivations of spiritual knowledge that have been handed down for millennia, the points in common are many. In this article we take a journey through the various spiritual currents and we will highlight the common points. We will find within both religious spiritual currents and those less religious and more "mystical" pass me the term. Let's start.

New Christian Spirituality.

This current I enter first because it is the school from which we are reborn, and then we take our personal spiritual path, which includes a little more elements of different currents. If it weren't for this "Christian School" we wouldn't have achieved the results that today we can say that they have completely changed us and we will not have freed ourselves from many inner dynamics that, even today in different contexts, we strongly notice the difference with a pinch of "Relief" for the step already passed.

In this spiritual current that takes root in antiquity and then evolves in a modern way within Christianity we can deduce that the main focus is based on concepts such as:

Now I'll explain better what I mean.

Love your neighbor

It is simple but difficult at the same time, but when we talk about this concept it is quite clear to everyone what it entails, however this concept is not always assimilated in all its depth because loving one's neighbor is truly a very profound concept. This difference in depth is given by how the practitioner assimilates the concept and by the disposition of the individual. In fact, loving one's neighbor also coincides with things that a person is normally engaged in (like everyone else) she is not willing to do for her fellow man. Very simple and earthly examples could be:

-Help someone financially who really asks you for help and needs it, or Help with the shopping the grumpy old woman you don't really love, take a deep interest in someone and help them in their inner processes. It has a lot to do with the service to others, but without ever forgetting the service also to oneself because even loving oneself is a very profound concept as at the same time it is 100% practical.

As a new Christian spirituality we can see for example the groups of "cells" that are formed for the imparting of this knowledge by referring to the Bible. These concepts are then read in the Bible with a "spiritual" eye not literal and are then passed on de assimilates over time. Our journey in this environment lasted about 3 years in which in the end we came out really renewed.

Forgiving in all circumstances.

Mmmm when it comes to forgiveness, people already shake their heads. You know it is normal to have wounds in the passage of our life, in childhood, in marriage. It's normal. Those who have no injuries are probably not from this planet. But how many do they really have the courage to forgive deeply and completely? That is to completely dissolve that negative emotion that vibrates inside you with the mere thought of an event or an unpleasant situation in particular.

This gift of forgiveness has a lot to do with many other "branches". I will not go into explaining why it would take a book, not a blog article. But it is closely correlated with empathy (understood as understanding others), sincerity with oneself (highlight the dark sides) and realize the problemática because generally we are not used to putting the focus in these terms towards ourselves. What is it that causes me to behave rather what another? What makes me react in one way rather than another? Here, too, we can connect it to other facets. In fact, forgiveness always remains one of the best beginnings to get rid of not indifferent burdens and being able to be reborn with a new self.

Not judgment

This is the basis that radically changes the spiritual current that passes from an ancient way of being rigid to a new empathic, light, subtle and loving method. If you judge you are foreclosing on many positive experiences that they could be for you of vital importance. From changes in daily life to choosing to try a new profession or pursue a vocation. In Italy now we suffer a lot from the evil that judgment can bring. Because it closes the doors to changes in everything. If you learn not to judge (yes, you can learn it), a completely different world opens up from the one we lived before.

New Age Spirituality.

In New Age spirituality we can include many of the "exotic" or "mixed" currents extrapolated and reinvented on the basis of Shamans, people who have a focus on spirits, others on subtle energies and some they also take the most disparate religious roots. But even here it can be seen that there is actually not much diversity. Generally these currents are launched by single entities which then, depending on how they move on the "market", have then a more or less positive impact.

As it happens, what is taught in these currents? To forgive, not to judge, to love one's neighbor, etc ... Then maybe one gets there by explaining the karma, the other gets there by explaining the energy debts towards the actions we perform but the juice which? The same.

So, is it so worth waging war between factions that teach the same things but in a different way? And then if you wage war as a faction are you really a spiritual person? Or the spiritual person simply tends not to judge by appearances?

Our thinking about it is that marketing wins once again. If we went to deepen, for example, also the Buddhist spirituality or other completely different realities, between the lines we can still see these concepts and they are clear and under the eye of any reader who looks with a spiritual eye and not literal. You can also decide to read some Hebrew texts and then? What would come out of it? The same things ... Obviously this article goes a lot on generic themes of spirituality and practical concepts that can be applied, but there is not only that (we deliberately do not delve into the invisible in this article). Talking about several different worlds cannot be contained in a single article on Spirituality. It is not physically possible.

It must be admitted that the truths about spirituality are manifold and there is a relativity in all things. Many may not notice it because it is a sin for them to look around.

No one has the deepest spiritual truth, but he can have as many bits of it as he is willing to add to his list of knowledge, through practice and study. Nothing too mystical.

Those who shut themselves up in their own spiritual beliefs are simply choosing their own personal path. What he sees most suitable and that he feels at that moment is the right way. But the complete truth of spirituality has none. Indeed it is very common to see that, for example, a person is very strong in a certain area and then lacking in other aspects that are theoretically basic in the spiritual practice that follows and perhaps in the same aspects he is looking for to teach you (see judgment in different individuals).

But in every situation all this must be respected regardless and even where in our opinion there is a lack. Because we are here to live our personal journey and not that of others. As we are not necessarily here to live the spiritual path of our ancestors from the past, but surely we can learn a lot from them. The keystone could certainly be reached together. All united. But it is something that until the judgment and the barriers of the religion, it will not be able to happen. What do you think about it? If you have any similarities to point out between spiritual currents, write us an email we will certainly go to inform us on the subject and we will comment on it together. Good spirituality to everyone.