Enneatype 7: gluttony and sobriety image

Enneatype 7: gluttony and sobriety

If you are interested in the enneagram, here you will find the complete description of Enneatype 7

Basic Explanation

People with the personality pattern corresponding to Enneatype 7 tend to make their life an exciting adventure. They wish to have many different experiences. They have a tendency to dream about a future where they await them new and better experiences. Enneatype 7 people are fast thinkers who have a lot of energy and who make a lot of plans. They tend to be outgoing, talented, creative, and open-minded. They are practical people who have multiple abilities. They know how to move on social networks and promote their interests. They often have an entrepreneurial spirit and are able to convey their enthusiasm to those they come in contact with.

When they are able to focus their talents correctly, they are often successful. However, being focused is not an easy thing for type 7 enneagrams. Their tendency to believe that something better awaits them and that they are there. better opportunities, makes it difficult for them to constantly commit over time to achieve their goals. They can start a project with a lot of energy and soon abandon it; they tend to have a harder time engaging continuously and over time.

The central problem for Enthene Type 7 individuals is that their pursuit of pleasure is compulsive. This compulsive search is not only due to the "gluttony" of new experiences, but is also given as mechanisms of escape from his daily problems. That is, these people, faced with the emotions that cause them discomfort, tend to escape from them by turning their conscience to something that makes them feel good. For this reason, these people may have a greater difficulty in therapy to solve their problems, as they may be aware of their discomfort, but they have a hard time focusing on this and trying to solve it. They often remember and define their childhood as that of a happy child, even if that doesn't mean it was. There are people of Enneatype 7 who may have had a very hard and painful childhood, but curiously they remember her as happy because they tend not to look at what makes them suffer.

Enneatype 7 often has a high opinion of himself and his talents; tends to focus on one's strengths and virtues, minimizing defects and vices. They are often self-centered individuals and have an unfounded feeling of "having." right to ... ". They are among the most narcissistic characters in the Enneagram. They are enthusiastic about enjoying the pleasures of life and act with great permissiveness, that is, they have few feelings of guilt about what they do and tend to have internally ethical and moral values tailored to their satisfaction. It is difficult for them to feel empathy for the suffering of others.


They want to keep their freedom and their happiness. They don't want to miss out on experiences that are worth it, so they stay engaged and avoid the pain.


He has a sharp and agile mind when it comes to exploring new ideas and starting new projects. He is Happy and infects his optimism. He gets excited with everything that brings news and promises good experiences. He always manages to adapt to what happens, because he knows how to see the good and fun side of things. She has no problem having fun or taking care of herself.


Lost quality

The ability to deal with difficulties by analyzing them objectively instead of escaping problems (E5)

Fixation: planning

"What wonderful things await me there?" "How can I get others to accompany me?"

Passion: the throat

Any time is good for doing what they want

When enneatypes 7 tend towards E1 they become perfectionists and critical.


They put a finger in the hole and leave you a smile

They do not accept frustration consciousness

They don't want to take responsibility

They are second, they put authority behind them

I'm Peter Pan (they don't want to grow up)

They use intelligence to paint reality in a nice way

They hide, they mask the pain

Use the word to get

They are good cheaters

Physically non-aggressive (if passive-aggressive)

They know a lot of things even if they don't

They avoid humiliation by all means.

They may have a tough childhood, even though they remember it as happy

They tell wonderful stories (lots of imagination)

They are very curious

They know science, technology, revolutionary movements ...

"Never get angry or depressed"

They live and let live

Funniest character

They don't look for conflicts

You don't see much of the rebellious side they have

They go and do what's best for them

Search for utopian alternatives

Good strategists

They can deceive themselves

Very strong misrepresentation of reality

The best aggression is to be good

There is an idea that if you are smart you get what you want

Difficulty experiencing pain, they avoid it



Passion: gluttony

The "gluttony" must be understood as a passion for pleasure: they seek this pleasure in new experiences. Typically they are used to feeling dissatisfied with what they have and fantasize that other experiences may be more rewarding. They have a hard time enjoying the present because they fantasize about other possibilities in the future. They are people susceptible to temptation.

Fixation: planning

They often have a futuristic orientation, in which they ideally plan new and rewarding experiences. Sometimes it may seem that they live more in the imagination than in the present.

Fear: pain

Enneatype 7 people fear pain and frustration, as well as any experience that a negative or unpleasant spiritual feeling can cause them. This is why they prefer to have a strongly optimistic attitude. They are afraid to get trapped in pain.

Desire: to feel happy

Their greatest desire is to feel happy and they seek this happiness in the enjoyment of experiences. They are used to having a hedonistic and permissive attitude.

His desire to be happy can escalate into a frenzied "escape".

Justification: positivism

They support their reasons for better ideals. Everything can always be better and therefore "you have to go and find it".

Self-image: "I am funny"

They are people who love to have fun and try to create a supportive environment. They tend to believe that if they entertain others, people will love them more. They are usually charming, complacent, non-aggressive and cheerful people. With these qualities they are used to being seducers and also manipulators.

Manner of manipulating others

Confusing others and insisting that they fulfill their demands.

Manner of attacking others

Enneatypes 7, fearing being trapped in suffering or some kind of deprivation, cause suffering and make others feel helpless in various ways.

Defense mechanism: rationalization

Their agile minds skillfully handle language. They always have an explanation for everything, even to justify their actions, even if these may be inexcusable.


THROAT which takes them from an unsatisfactory present to a more promising future. Enthusiasm to compensate for dissatisfaction with pleasant experiences. Interest in the new, magical and esoteric.

NARCISM Exhibitionist, superior attitude and one who knows everything. Charming and witty.

SEDUCTIVE, warm, helpful, friendly, good host. Buy love with deceit.

REBEL, acute criticism of conventional prejudices, cynical. Lack of discipline, avoid rules and commitments.

PERMISSION HEDONIST, self-indulgent, pleasure orientation, flees from pain and conflict.

FRAUD, charlatan, manipulator, convinces others to make their plans. Ability to suggest, good salesman, strategist and good diplomat.

FANTASY orientation towards planning and utopia. Idealist, attraction for potential.



I don't want any commitment that binds me, because then I won't be able to do what I want. Happiness is always achieved by doing what you want.

路 You have to take care and entertain the other to love me. Life must always be taken with humor.

路 It is better to have many plans and projects in case something goes wrong. The future can always be better than the present.

Suffering is useless, it is better to seek pleasure and avoid what hurts. We must escape the conflicts and problems that life presents to us.

路 I know more than others that you have to be a strategist and skilled to have advantages.

路 We must be optimistic and always see the positive side of things.

路 If I let myself be loved I can lose myself in the other, better not commit myself.

路 I have to avoid the pain of the other in order not to suffer.


I have the strength and the ability to see the painful aspects of my life, support them and channel them. Life takes patience and reality. Growth occurs in contact with difficulties.

路 You can live with the truth instead of lying, cheating and manipulating reality.

路 I can free myself from selfishness, share and value others more.

I can engage with the people I love and enjoy more intimate and lasting relationships. Intimacy doesn't need to deprive me of my freedom.

We can accept and flow with life as it is, without having to manipulate reality.

路 It is better to live in the present than to make many fantasies and plans for the future.

路 We can be ourselves and help others to be.

路 Dwelling on a few things is more useful and satisfying than getting lost in too many things.


路 Sobriety is simplicity, don't get complicated, don't make many plans, look for the right action. Cultivate moderation and prudence.

路 Cultivate sobriety in words, stimuli and actions.

路 Cultivate perseverance, discipline and commitment. Realize in action.

路 Seeking pleasure in everyday life. Become aware of the here and now and don't get lost so much in the imagination. Stop, look within, connect with the pain and hold it. Take others into consideration.

Enneatype 7 conservation: learning to savor the simple. Be satisfied with less, learn to live more relaxed. Engage with yourself and with others. Connect with pain and society. See, feel the other.

Enneatype 7 social: freeing ideals and contacting reality. Don't believe you are that important, don't delude yourself or deceive yourself, don't disguise yourself, show pain and emotions and share equally. Dealing with conflicts.

Enneatype 7 sexual: accept and integrate into everyday reality. Sobriety in plans and words. Be more authentic. Look deeper, take an interest in seeing and hearing the other. Stop performing.


Be aware of how you avoid experiences that can cause suffering. Your thinking deflects, changes the subject, speeds up and disconnects you from emotions. Your accelerated thinking leaves no room for a truly experience profound: one cannot live without experiencing suffering and pain as they are part of life. If you avoid negative feelings, you cannot have a complete experience of life. Be aware that these rapid changes in thinking produce anxiety. What happens when you stop? The excuse "I'm bored" is ideal to justify not stopping, but it hides the fear of experiencing negative feelings or uncomfortable thoughts. of what you try to avoid by always keeping yourself distracted.

Also be aware of your difficulties in being constant and persistent. You have to finish what you start; don't jump so fast. Besides, if you change the subject so quickly, you can't go into anything. Watch out for the "instant expert", the one for which knowing four things about a subject and with your great gab you can make it seem like you know a lot about this subject. Keep in mind that you only make it look superficial when someone does asks you for something more concrete or delves into a little more on the subject, it is clear that you do not know what it sounds like.

Be aware of your tendency to seek the extraordinary of things and discard those experiences that don't seem so extraordinary. Likewise, observe your tendency to idealize future novelties and quickly flatter yourself with what you have in the present. This makes you change context quickly. Neither the new is so glamorous, nor is the present so boring. You have to learn to live more in the present.

You have a happy and cheerful personality. Take the opportunity to share it with others but without caring or proving it.


STORAGE: the conservation subtype is the coldest and hardest of the subtypes. This subtype is the least dreamy and most practical. They don't imagine that much and do what they think.

Individuals of the conservation enneatype 7 are called FAMILIES because of their tendency to group together in a closed circle of people. Even if they seem very sociable, they don't do it out of their need for social grouping, but because in this way they can get more profits for themselves, like a small "mafia".

They form a network of people in their environment, with whom they share interests, values and activities with which to satisfy their appetites (food, drink, sex, etc.). Even though they are very supportive of their group, they don't feel attached to these (as is accustomed to happen to the social subtype of the enneatype7). They can use people and leave them when they no longer need them.

In their intimate relationships they can be protective but remain independent and free. Among the subtypes of enneatype 7 are those that spend the most time in the family.

They are characterized by their tendency to value and seek to enjoy the material, both of objects (car, house, clothes, etc.) and experiences (travel, meals, sex, etc.); they may have various interests in different sectors. To them like to find new items of satisfaction and even more to get them at a lower price than usual. They love to do good deals or little tricks to get business their ends.

They have a good nose for business and money. Opportunities are not missed. There is always an interest in getting something, they are opportunists. The conservative ennea type 7 is always selling or buying something. In their own throat profit, they can be cheaters, swindlers and exploiters of others.

Some individuals of Enneatype 7 conservation may be labeled as "funny" or "lively" out of their desire to make the most of the opportunities. They may tend to want to "live big" and their gluttony can carry them to spend more than they can afford, hoping that life will offer them the chance to get what they need at any time.

When Enneatype 7 conservation is healthier they are practical, hardworking, outgoing and sociable. They do not take unnecessary risks to satisfy the throat. They can be very loyal to family and friends.They are spontaneous but planning.

When they are less balanced they may believe that to be happy they have to have certain experiences. They don't want to feel connected to anyone or anything (like a professional job), they want to be independent and free indulge in consumerism. They may also be overly permissive with their behavior and fail to value the damage they do to others to get what they want.

Social subtype

SOCIAL: This subtype is the most intellectual of the Enneatype 7. It is more gentle and generous.

People who fall into social enneatype 7 are oriented towards others: they love group conversations, activities and adventures. Their diaries are usually always full. If a plan fails, they always have an alternative. They are idealists and feel they have a lot to offer the world, and they can bring these feelings to life with some social cause (ecological, alternative, supportive, vindictive, etc.). They love to engage with people and social causes, but this long-term commitment can also make them feel locked up and unable to enjoy other options.

All subtypes of enneatype 7 have a certain tendency towards hedonism and lack of commitment. They love to start new things, so it's hard for them to be consistent and persistent as time goes by. They are associated with the SACRIFICE for the effort they make to achieve the social image they desire. They often feel a tension between duty to others or a cause and a desire to escape. They can feel responsible for the people around them and feel the experience as a weight that binds them. If a group doesn't satisfy them as they want, they can change groups.

Like all enneatype 7, the social subtype also hides an internal "cheater". They suffer if they get caught. They want to be seen as good, they don't want to be seen as cheaters, they hide it. Sometimes when they come caught making a few "traps", some may smile with a childish attitude minimizing the fact. Some People of this subtype may outwardly appear childish (similar to Enneatype 2 conservation). The social subtype is the one that feels the most blame.

They usually have a bad relationship with authority. They like to fight against this and at the same time defend a social ideal (such as the character of Zorro or Robin Hood, who challenged and robbed authority in the name of the social good). His way of dealing with authority is usually of the passive-aggressive type.

When individuals of the social enneatype 7 are healthier they can be idealistic and sacrifice themselves for a cause they believe in beyond their personal interests. They can have excellent social skills.

When they are less balanced they can have a lot of internal tension between acting in a committed way with others and doing what they want. They may feel overwhelmed by obligations and responsibilities. They tend to start projects that don't finish. They may feel resentful of authority.

Sexual subtype

SEXUAL: They seek stimulation in everything new, whether it be people or experiences. They love to meet new people to share adventures, conversations or sexual experiences; they try to be fed with new ones exciting news.

Sexual Enneatype 7 is called SUGGESTION for its ability to suggest and convince others with its chatter. They are used to being energetic, ingenious and having a genuine desire to get to know people. Sometimes, they may view people as a means of fighting boredom; they look for intensity in "special" people.

They usually have no problem getting people's attention but their difficulty is keeping attention on what they do or who they are with. They easily get carried away by their throats of new emotions, changing their attention quickly. One day they may have a great desire to do something or be with someone, and the next day they may want to do something else or be with someone else. For this they may have little commitment for what they do.

They easily change activities or plans - they tend to quickly get excited with some new thought and immerse themselves in it. They may view intimate relationships as adventure experiences and quickly change out of a relationship intimate to another. They escape from boredom and monotony. They can show themselves as "Don Juanes" and be unfaithful. They can be liars and fraudulent.

This subtype is the most dreamy of the subtypes 7. People of this subtype have a great imagination that they tend to use to search for novelty with which to escape from the boredom that everyday life and routine cause them. With this great imagination find new ideas or different points of view. They tend to embellish reality with fantasy and can be very creative.

They usually idealize their partners, but they can easily become disillusioned and have a hard time engaging as they advance into a new fantasy that they project onto another person. Idealizing couples, experiences and things, it is a way to escape boredom and build a better and more stimulating "reality".

He is a great influencer, but he is also very suggestible. They have difficulty distinguishing reality from what their heads imagine or think: this is one of their biggest problems, they are able to self-convince themselves with your apologies. It could be said that in an unhealthy state they "just touch the ground". They are able to construct "logical" arguments with which they convince themselves; therefore they can be difficult to treat in therapy.

When people belonging to the sexual enneatype 7 are more balanced they may be able to face difficult situations, even painful ones, choosing to see the positive side of the situation; they can accept disappointments without escaping it. They are capable of bringing passion, intensity and enthusiasm to their intimate relationship. They have a wide curiosity and are often multi-talented.

When they are less centered they get bored easily. They can be attracted and in love with someone they find very inspiring and idealize this person and the relationship with them (even if this person is married). their neighbor is always greener. "They can be highly suggestible. Some can justify whatever they do for the sake of having fun. They can be disappointed if their partner doesn't share their enthusiasm. At worst, they can risk reckless and dangerous adventures in an attempt to have bigger and better experiences (like an addict who has developed a great tolerance to drugs and needs some moreover).


People of enneatype 7 are characterized by their indulgence, seduction, desire to explore, affability, etc ... In the field of love, these characteristics also stand out. These people tend to want autoimmune relationships where they are not forced to limit or compromise; they too tend to be permissive with each other.

These people tend to seek a love that makes them feel comfortable enjoying life. If the person makes them uncomfortable, they will tend to drift away. But in addition to the limitations and obligations, the inconveniences can also be boredom or monotony. Enneatype 7 are people who are eager for new experiences, who always dream of getting something better and this can make it difficult for them to live in the present. Sometimes the tendency to move away from the present it is more associated with the desire to escape than the search for something better; it's an escape.

For enneatype 7 it is difficult to sustain the problems that also generate relationships: they seek an ideal of relationship without problems. Maybe they can find a way not to have these problems, but then it can hardly be called "report" what they have come to.

These people with a tendency to self-centeredness and self-indulgence compensate and hide this image behind a kind, nice and seductive attitude. They are cheerful and playful people.

In fatherly love they can be permissive towards their children.


If you are dealing with an ennea type 7 remember that it almost always speaks of possibilities, not compromises; Don't get caught up in his chatter. If you stop him from fantasizing, he'll get stuck. Let him dream and try to take advantage of what can be interesting and possible to apply; then have it put into practice.

Ask him so many things, the enneatype 7 is happy to contemplate more possibilities. You have to clearly set the limits and deadlines, to make him feel the pressure of time; that's when it pays. But don't do it in a harsh and authoritarian way, because you will drive him away.

It is better to come to agreements and help him make them happen; Let him know your problems, he probably sees opportunities where you see difficulties. Always express your duties and duties clearly to him.

How to get along with me:

路 Offer me Your company, affection and freedom.

路 Participate To encourage conversation and laughter.

路 Enjoy my great visions and listen to my stories.

路 Don't try to change my style. Accept me for who I am.

Be Responsible for yourself. I don't like clingy or needy people.

路 Don't tell me what to do.

What I like about being an ennea type 7:

路 Be optimistic and don't let life's problems get me down

路 Be spontaneous and free-spirited

路 Be open and fun

路 Be generous and try to make the world a better place

路 Have the courage to take risks and experience exciting adventures

路 Having various interests and skills

The difficult thing about being an ennea type 7:

路 Not having enough time to do all the things I want

路 Don't finish the things I start

Not being able to reap the benefits of constant effort

路 Tendency to get lost in plans or fantasies

Feeling confined when they are in a one-to-one relationship

Enneatype 7 like babies:

They are action oriented and adventurous

路 They prefer to be with other children than to be alone

路 They make their way around adults

路 They dream of the freedom they will have when they grow up

Enneatype 7 as parents:

路 They are often enthusiastic and generous

路 They want their children to be exposed to many adventures in life

路 They may be too busy with their activities to be careful