How to attract abundance into our life image

How to attract abundance into our life

Let's see how to attract abundance and think about its deeper meaning

Let's see How to attract abundance into our life. Who reading " abundance " has not thought of a life full of wealth?

Or maybe a life without having to worry about money? Maybe wake up in the morning as millionaires, after winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance.

It is very likely that our mind links the concept of abundance to money, however it is something much deeper. In the next few lines we will understand how attracting abundance into our lives is related multi-factor.

The flow of abundance can be blocked in our lives precisely because we have a limited idea of it, we are unable to see its manifestation more deeply and therefore we are not not even able to attract more.

In fact, being abundant does not mean being full of money, even if at the same time it does not exclude it. To receive abundance one must first of all "be" abundant , even in small things, in a vortex of energy that concerns our ideas, our vocation, our ability to love and give to others. It is therefore a concept that affects our reality at 360 degrees: personal relationships, health, work, family… it is not something sectorial or limited to the economic sphere. For example, there has been much talk of the famous law of attraction, yet many people are still fighting not only today with their own economy, but also with their own health and personal relationships, from family to work.

What are we missing? What are the actions we should take and the knowledge we should have to achieve greater peace of mind in our lives?

What exactly should we do to attract more abundance in terms of happiness, health, personal relationships, our profession and our economy?

After so many experiences and books read, here is some valuable information.


Wealth does not come from outside, but manifests itself according to our thoughts; money done right does not come from other people, but “through” them. Seeing other people as the source of our wealth is a very dangerous idea because we acquire the idea that these people are the origin of our good, moreover it can lead us to manipulative thoughts.

It is the universe itself (or God, as you prefer to call it), the source of our good, and if we allow it to manifest it will meet our needs in the most appropriate ways.

Even in the most difficult situation we must remember that we have the power of transformation, which always happens starting from what we have, not from what we do not yet have.

All that exists is the platform for what might exist.

In a famous book called "A Course of Miracles" it says that:

Miracles are everyone's right, but first a purification is necessary.

There is only one thing that clearly distances us from abundance: the lack of love.

Purity of heart is the greatest creator of wealth and there are 4 spiritual steps that allow for transformation.


We have been taught from an early age to say "thank you", but it is quite another thing to truly feel in every cell of our body deep gratitude for everything we have, not only for beautiful things but also for bad things, which often serve to make us mature and learn important lessons.

Giving thanks is not simply "something beautiful", it is a gesture that emits light. Light that will bring more light.

Poverty attracts poverty and abundance attracts abundance , so if you feel with all your heart that you are abundant and grateful, you can only attract more abundance.


Most of us have had partly painful experiences with money, perhaps situations where we have been robbed or otherwise disappointed, cases where we feel we have missed an opportunity or times when we are debt-ridden or jobless. What we need to remember is that money is something material but with a non-material origin.

So when we have money problems we have to look for the solution within ourselves. It is important to carry out a serious analysis, for example we can write a list of problematic situations, make a evaluation of them objectively, reminding us that recognizing our faults is essential to obtain a change.

Key questions are: “What was my part in creating the problem? Who should I forgive? What remains to be clarified? "


There are people who unconsciously believe that they do not deserve full happiness, so there may be self-sabotages that limit the maximum expression of their potential, which is a key. important to receive more abundance.

When the central pillar of our life is based on "working for love" and making ourselves available for the universe to use to expand this love, we need not fear. Rightly earned money is a reflection of the abundance we create by offering our gifts. They are also a reflection of love and must be used to do good on this Earth, to protect all living beings.

Money can help us improve, not only ourselves but also the people around us. Reverse in a way that causes good, work in a way that creates good, live in a way that makes you feel good.

By doing this, people you may not even know will notice an improvement in their life that they would not otherwise have experienced; someone's shop may have a better chance of thriving if you buy there; the nearby restaurant will have more possibilities to expand if you eat there with friends. You are powerful, not because you have money, but because you can help improve with that money the world creating a chain reaction.

But don't act with the mentality of “chasing the money”, the abundance comes from within… Let yourself be guided by the flow of universal energy and make sure that it comes out for a greater good.


What can we donate if we find ourselves in a situation where we don't have money to do charity? The biggest mistake we could make is believing that one has to donate money… Or have a lot of it for really make a difference.

We must first learn to give ourselves, take care of our neighbor, of those who cross our path asking for help. Often a word, a hug, a smile, an act of kindness, or on the contrary a gesture forte are worth more than money because they can create the change that the person was looking for, give them a solution, a consolation, an idea or simply make them feel less alone.

In fact, those we meet do not always need money! There are so many people who are perhaps unhappy and all they need is to reconnect with love and activate their own healing process!

You are a gift for others and others are for you, so never think you have nothing to give to the world, and if you don't know it yet, you simply have to find out!

Working on these points also favors the arrival of abundance in our life.