Non-religious spirituality: the differences between spirituality and religion image

Non-religious spirituality: the differences between spirituality and religion

What is non-religious spirituality? What are the differences between Spirituality and Religion?

More and more people are moving towards a non-religious spirituality as time goes by.

This is due both to the now damaged image of the church, but also to the increase in knowledge of the average people.

In fact, if before it was only possible to hear at school what they told you at Religion, now you can listen to many more stories online.

Furthermore, let's not forget the various spiritual currents that can always be known through the same medium or through multi-ethnic exchanges.

The increase in research on the subject over the years has been able to give light to new spiritual currents and revive some spiritual cultures that were thought to have long since disappeared.

Spirituality and religion the main differences.

Spirituality has as old origins as religion.

If we go back in time we can see how some peoples worshiped in some regions but others thought when looking within. So the first important difference is surely this: to worship something or someone / look inside while still believing in some form of divinity.

The pharaohs were the first to try to replace the gods of the time, thinking that they should be worshiped as such. In a way, it could have been a choice to control the people and public opinion. Even if in their case it was probably more a question of Ego, because in fact they already held all the power possible since there is no society like today.

Another difference , the spiritual currents can be various and the spiritual practices applicable in a thousand different ways, while religions have stricter rules and revolve around those religions with the greatest affluence or that have survived over time.

In spirituality you can find more "dark" versions (spiritualism and the like ...) rather than in religions, but this does not mean that religions are clean, on the contrary. In fact, if we want to go back in time, religions win the record of dead people for the conquest of power they currently hold. The deaths in the name of religions are incalculable, the same cannot be said for spirituality which tends to be peaceful in most cases.

Spirituality as originated, in the growth of the self , in the good principles and with the direct relationship with one's own deities seems to be one of the most practiced ways today. Although there are many branches. The focal point is oneself, then there are also Christian origins as we noted in one of our travels, who believe in Christ and in the inner work through the bible and do not contemplate the church or its symbols. In the most developed cultures in spirituality we certainly find Indians, Tibetans, Indians, natives and Orientals in general.

Even the classical religions work as regards the growth of the self but being accompanied by dogmas and particularly stressful fears , less joyful and more gloomy, disciplined and sometimes extremist environments are lived.

Religion, Spirituality and the meaning of life.

We have listed the main differences before even if you could go deeper into the subject with your own research. Not because we do not want to give a solution but because being very deep and strong arguments perhaps it is better to start this research to get a personal idea, on our path we firmly believe that in reality everyone has very interesting parts of truth (but this is ours conclusion, we invite you to draw your own, it is an exciting journey).

In spirituality we can gradually focus on factors that are not considered by the church. Spiritual currents appear to be more inclusive and non-exclusive , always and when they do not transform into groups similar to sects and when the spiritual being does not become an excuse to believe everything misitca, there is the risk from this point of view not following a definite direction.

In most of the Christian currents, unfortunately, closed parties are born that are also ready to remove the family for extreme religiosity, there have been not a few stories told about Jehovah's Witnesses or about Muslims for example.

Islam wages religious wars, they blow themselves up by religion (a distortion of the same as many rabbis and believers say) but still by religion, although these are the worst example.

However, all religious peoples keep in our opinion great books such as the Bible, the Koran etc ... which if read in the "right" key can truly open the mind of any spiritual person. Furthermore it must be said that many souls, albeit Religious, are really good souls, faithful to the teachings of their creed and pleasant regardless (even if at times they are "demonized" unfairly for choices of political connotation).

Can you achieve a better version of yourself with spirituality? YES! And with religion? Yup!.

In fact, even if with differences in "focus" that can be more or less important, all are worth living, observed, studied but above all applied (when you choose one it is obviously easier, because otherwise it would take millions of lives. However, there are many study opportunities and they should be taken only for general culture).

We have summarized this concept in the article different spiritual paths with similar results.

What a spiritual person does not accept of a Religion.

What a religious does not accept of a spiritual one.

Exact list of differences