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Personal Growth Books 15 recommended titles

Personal growth books are books that help the individual grow as a person by improving the psychological state and connection with oneself.

This helps the reader in accomplishing his or her personal goals by giving a great benefit and thus making the reading of these books, after some time, a practice that cannot be interrupted by moving from one personal growth book to another.

We know this well, given the attitude we have, and for this reason we want to recommend 15 books on personal growth not to be missed.

We took the liberty of taking 3 titles for each area that we consider important, thus bringing you a selection of 15 books (from different areas) on personal growth .

Personal growth books to improve relationships

How to treat others and befriend them by Dale Carnegie

This hugely popular book was one we bought during a time when we had perhaps too many personal relationships, we also felt a little guilty about some things that had happened and wanted to understand how relationships worked on a deeper level. Dale Carnegie's advice was really important in fact in this book you will find only directly applicable examples for your personal growth every day. Now that we can go out again, maybe it will be the case to improve the way we relate? Or can we improve relationships at home? This and much more thanks to Dale Carnegie.

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Effective relationships. How to build them. How Not to Affect Them by Thomas Gordon

The word relationship makes people who are closest to you think directly as family members and there is a tendency to care more for that type of relationship. However, this sometimes takes away the attention to those figures who, although being external to the family unit, allow us to change our working, emotional, behavioral life, etc. In this book, all levels of relationships will be treated with particular attention to the growth of healthy relationships and what they can change in our life.

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Happy couple relationships: Seduction and strategies to win back the ex partner by Francesco Cibelli

A guide for both men and women created ad hoc to improve couple relationships. We also consider these fundamental when it comes to personal growth, because "love" is a fundamental area of one's life. We will talk about conflict management, basic differences between men and women and personal growth in the first part.

In the second, however, we will see a concrete strategy to win back the partner with techniques created by some psychologists.

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Books on personal growth to stay in the present

The power of now. A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

Staying in the present is the main focus in Eckhart Tolle's journey of enlightenment, an author who is quite a picturesque guy with incredible peace of mind but is a true expert on staying in the present. which he sees as the only way to not feel any suffering. In fact, most sufferings are created when we move our minds to the future, to the past or when our fears are stimulated. To improve in this practice it is the right book if not "the only book" to buy on the subject.

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Personal growth: between desire and acceptance, how to enjoy the journey by Elvino Miali

Written by a doctor and psychotherapist, it is a book that knows its stuff in application of living the present in an "oriental" way and living the present with objectives to be achieved more typical of a "western" culture.

In fact, it is based on the latest methods to be happy with practical exercises on:

- Reception and acceptance

- Gratitude

- Anti-criticism (on oneself and on others)

- Realistic optimism and goals

- Overcoming fears

- Everything is ok even when it doesn't go as I would like

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Live Fully: No Tomorrow, Just Today by Mary Anne

Living 100% one day at a time is a seemingly simple practice but in reality it is not. In most cases, people do not live in the present but continue to travel back and forth with the mind, inevitably causing suffering in their life. In this book we will use the knowledge and wisdom of the past to live today day by day in happiness and harmony.

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Books on personal growth for self-esteem

Do it yourself self-esteem. Unconventional strategies to feel good about yourself and with others by Gerry Grassi

Gerry is an expert who offers advice to different types of clients, it is not uncommon in fact to find in his examples people who have problems with self-esteem. But not only that, we talk about getting out of the comfort zone, eliminating blocks and moving towards a full life. He has developed his method called ASTRO (Attention, Strategies, Time, Resolutions, Obstacles) with which he will help the reader to create his own self-esteem.

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Self-Esteem: A Practical Guide to Improving Self-Confidence, Reaching Your Goals and Living Happily by Martin Morris

In this book, all situations that can lead to low self-esteem are dealt with one by one. If you are someone who gives too much importance to what others say or think, if you have a tendency to create bad thoughts in your mind or if you have other limiting attitudes, this book is for you. It will give you the solution to every problem and guide you in a new way of being, perceiving, thinking and feeling.

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The secret is to believe in yourself by Brian Tracy

If you faced life with the certainty of being able to get where you want and get what you really want, what would you dedicate yourself to? What goal would you like to achieve? You can create a new energy and face it all with a new way of thinking with your head held high with iron self-esteem thanks to the book by Brian Tracy, author of many best sellers and internationally renowned personal growth expert. You will discover how to face fears and remove “blocks” thanks to the techniques explained in this book.

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Personal Growth Books to Increase Your Performance

Time Management: Strategies and Habits to Increase Productivity, Reach Goals and Find Motivation in the 21st Century by Flavio Rossi

In a society and an era where time always seems to be too short and commitments more and more, this book provides us with valuable information on how to improve the management of our commitments in order to be more productive. Time inevitably passes and the feeling of having reached the end of the day without having done everything we set out to do can be common and make us feel frustrated.

Sometimes the rapid evolution of changes and commitments makes us unprepared to be efficient at managing time.

This book will help you with tips and tools to understand how you can optimize your schedule by feeling more productive.

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Factor 1%: Small habits for great results by Luca Mazzucchelli

What's the secret to great results? We are often led to believe that large-scale actions are necessary to have great results, in reality the difference is made by a set of habitual gestures with a positive impact on our life.

Think carefully about your habits: do you smoke? Do you eat junk food or healthy food more often?

Do you get enough exercise? Do you select your thoughts trying to foster a positive dialogue and the search for solutions to improve? Do you face your fears?

Here, the great results are the consequence of a deep attention to oneself and one's habits. The good news, as this book will tell you, is that any harmful habit can be changed in favor of a winning habit. Are you ready?

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Habits for high performance. Brendon Burchard's Path to Being Exceptional People

People who achieve extraordinary results may have innate qualities that favor them, however this is not the defining aspect that has allowed them to succeed, it is often rather an excuse we give ourselves for not having to go through work and commitment. which are required for a change. In fact, Brendon Burchard has identified six essential habits in his many years of experience: to clarify, generate energy, increase the need, increase productivity, develop influence and demonstrate courage. The central role of these habits is demonstrated by an impressive amount of studies and scientific data.

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Books on personal growth to develop your own spirituality

Change the habit of being yourself. Quantum physics in Joe Dispenza's daily life

A different way of observing oneself based on scientific knowledge such as quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and genetics that help us better understand the thoughts and beliefs that affect our life. We are beings naturally tending to personal growth, however this growth is too often blocked by fears and information that have settled within us since our birth and that influence us without us realizing it. Are you ready to be yourself?

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The spirituality of the body. Harmony of body and mind with Alexander Lowen's bioenergetics

We often fall into the error of considering spirituality as something separate from matter, in reality everything is the result of the spirit. In this book the author explains to us how true happiness depends precisely on the harmony of body, mind and spirit where a high moral integrity is also achieved, a sense of deep love for others and a connection with the divine.

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Create your destiny. The insights that change Osho's life

"Create your destiny" is not a simple transcription but comes directly from Osho. With myths, tales, anecdotes, stories (drawn from his own experience or drawn from the great traditions of wisdom), Osho guides us to awaken awareness, intuition and the ability to understand. These anecdotes, parables and examples trigger insights and visions, capable of showing commonly ignored possibilities and potentials. In these pages, perhaps more than elsewhere, Osho reveals himself almost as an inner voice to each of us that brings out our most secret aspirations.

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