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Positively transform anger

5 useful tips to have the right psychology and safeguard relationships

Everyone has a bad day, arguing with someone and / or getting a good dose of nervousness. We often think arguing with someone is bad, but that's not always the case.
Conflict is in fact normal when interacting with others: couples, family, friends and work ... contexts and situations certainly are not lacking!
The difference is knowing how to manage the conflict e turn it to the positive so that it doesn't turn into constant warfare with the outside world. The truth is that we are more easily inclined to a confrontation than we are to a "confrontation", this is why it is very important to learn to control emotions and words, apply acceptance, listening and forgiveness, which are all elements that really make a difference to create around us a more harmonious and constructive environment.

Here's how to positively transform anger and conflict

Let's see in more detail some elements that help us to transform the conflict into a positive one:

Don't get carried away by impulsiveness

If we have a problem with a person, we wait for the strong emotion of anger we have inside to pass because we could risk saying things we don't think, thus making the discussion degenerate.
On the other side if we are dealing with an angry or nervous person, we try to keep calm, do not provoke the other but give him time to calm down. However, the situation can get out of hand and in in this case it is important to have recourse to forgiveness and to know how to let go. Practical exercises on forgiveness, visualizations to get rid of toxic emotions, repetitions (mantras), music, for to be able to return centered and therefore more objectives.

Wait for the right time to speak.

Often we are in a hurry to clarify and so we start a discussion just before leaving to go to work ... Inside we feel a strong emotion, we want to clarify at all costs .. we just can't resist: has this ever happened to you? We can help with breathing. Knowing how to control this emotion and not be controlled by it really makes a difference.

Don't leave things unfinished.

We often let certain discussions or episodes take place without giving us the space to fully clarify with the person involved, this is counterproductive because there is the risk of accumulating resentment inside, being angry or annoyed. Everything that is accumulated, not clarified and not forgiven, will very easily re-emerge in subsequent discussions, worsening the outcome.

Forgiving to release harmful emotions.

There is a lot of talk in our society about forgiveness as a noble principle, but why should we forgive someone who has hurt us? We must be clear that forgiveness is a profound act of love first of all towards ourselves. Forgiveness it frees us from anger and hatred and fully defends us from the effects that negative emotions have on the physical plane, causing even serious illnesses. Forgiving does not mean letting the other hurt us again, it is simply a "detoxifying" action.

Listen actively.

We often get into a discussion to "dump" everything we think without really listening to the other. The other person talks to us and in our head we are already working out what to say. We must remember that a discussion it should not mean simply unloading everything we think on each other, but also giving space to our interlocutor and trying to understand each other's needs by focusing on the solution and not continuing to focus on the problem. Surely there will be times when we just want to let off steam, us or the other person, so it is also important to develop empathy and understand that at certain times others do not they want to attack us but they are probably just nervous and sometimes just letting the other free rein without adding too many words may be the best option.

Now that you know how to positively transform anger, you just need to pay attention.

The moment you get angry it is easy to forget the information you have learned. Take a deep breath and try to relax.