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The four laws of spirituality

The 4 profound spiritual laws of Indian spirituality

It is said that there is a moment in life when one feels more lost than ever, it is also said that that is the moment in which an encounter takes place. The encounter with yourself, with your dark side, with your fears, with your soul. Something that has a lot to do with spirituality.

Like this text, if it came before your eyes it is no coincidence. Maybe there is something you need to understand or elaborate on. Like the 4 laws of spirituality , a philosophy of Indian origins.

Spirituality goes much further than matter and earthly things. It is not a religion or a doctrine, spirituality is taking care of oneself, observing within oneself, letting our heart overcome the abysses that our mind creates and cultivating our values humbly.

Each person who passes through our life is unique. It always leaves a little bit of itself and takes away something of ourselves. There will be those who take away the most, but there will never be those who leave nothing behind. This is clear proof that two souls do not meet by chance.

The person who comes into your life is always the correct person.

What happens is the only thing that could have happened.

Any time something begins is the right time.

The third of the laws of spirituality tells us that what begins, always does it at the right moment , neither before nor after. The new experience enters our life because we attract it to us and we are ready to live it. Understanding this, we will accept that when life puts something in our path we must live it fully.

Create the Perfect Moment

Flow, do not cling to anything or anyone, everything has its time in our lives and there is always a reason.

When something ends, it ends.

Continuing to advance on our path is the best option to enrich our being and not suffer. Remember that the most influential person you talk to every day is you. So be careful with what you say to yourself and flow with life.