The spiritual connection and its signals image

The spiritual connection and its signals

The spiritual connection analyzed in detail

We all meet people along the way in our life and with some of them we feel we have a much deeper connection than with others.

It may seem almost like meeting an old acquaintance, some attribute this to a knowledge in a past life or to a higher dimension.

Others prefer to define it as knowing their soul mate.

When our intuition makes us feel this way it is a signal that indicates the discovery of a spiritual connection.

The spiritual connection could be romantic or even platonic. The spirit does not care.

The bonds of Platonic friendship many times are even stronger than what we might have in a real relationship.

When we experience "romantic" love we can sometimes confuse it with a spiritual connection, but these romantic feelings can sometimes hide the truth.

What are the real signs to tell if you are experiencing a spiritual connection?

A feeling of shared experience.

Generally, when you have a spiritual connection you have a constant feeling that you have known this person before.

For many types of beliefs we have all existed in different forms and, for them, the connections we have previously established are believed not to fade away.

The feeling of "familiarity" with someone we have apparently just met could be the consequence of having met an old friendship.

But in this case, spiritual connections can be forged from shared experiences in this life, shared auras and states of energy, which foment a new spiritual connection.

Effortless relationship.

Another sign of spiritual connection is the effortless relationship. Most relationships start with a difficult period in the meantime they learn how to communicate and relate to each other.

But when we experience an authentic spiritual connection, it is as if we skip this phase or realize that it passes much more quickly.

This is due to the fact that within a spiritual context, our energies and vibrations are in tune with each other and this naturally means that we feel more comfortable and less disheartened for one reason or another.

Shared values and attitudes.

Our values and our attitudes are born from within and are expressions of our most authentic being. When we find a spiritual connection, these values and attitudes are likely to be shared, as are set goals and ideals.

However, this does not necessarily have to be this way, in some cases we establish opposite connections for evolutionary reasons.

Other times it can mean that one of the two has simply strayed from his true way of being. This relationship may help restore the original flow of the path.

Selfless love and mutual improvement

We can achieve this return to our path thanks to the spiritual connection. Connected spirits show a healthy mutual disinterest and instead strive to foster their own improvement and the other.

These relationships that, instead of holding us back or getting in line, motivate us to improve and create an uplifting environment. Relationships that enrich our being, for one's own success and for one's self-realization. This very often happens in spiritual connections.

When we feel the urge to help someone improve, not out of concern for us or our needs and wants, but for the sake of the other person, we have discovered a genuine spiritual connection. Where your path helps him and his helps you to elevate yourself on the various areas.

How spiritual connections are formed with someone.

We understand that when people refer to the spiritual connection, they are talking about these special connections which are much deeper and more intense than the others.

We have all had this experience as mentioned before and for some this may derive precisely from past lives as if the bond was already consolidated upstream.

This type of connection has no rational explanation and probably never will; Because we are talking about the invisible and unknown world that we all try to study and understand. In fact, we are aware that no one will ever knock on our door with a definitive answer. We can only rely on spiritual practices and the revelations they grant us.

Earlier we talked about spiritual connections that are Instant, that is, those connections that awaken exactly at the moment you meet a certain person.

There are connections that do not develop in the moment, in the sense that it is as if initially a relationship begins normally, without anything special, but then this strong feeling of deep knowledge of the individual we are in front of is awakened at a later time and, sometimes, they get stronger with the passage of time.

Sometimes there are types of relationships that are not peaceful and light, but that are so bound that they cannot be dissolved, these relationships are of an evolutionary type. They help to evolve, through contrast.

Most of the relationships that originate from the spirit also go through difficulties as these are there to evolve or to solve energy vibration problems. On the other hand, however, there are also super peaceful ones that seem to be there to enjoy the previous evolution.

But what is the reality?

You should know that most relationships actually have a spiritual motive or a spiritual connection. It can be used to evolve, to learn a quality that you will need today or tomorrow. It might just be there to open your eyes to something you're not looking at. The reasons can be many. But as we like to think, nothing happens by chance.

Sometimes we too are the ones who attract certain situations thanks to our strength of attraction. If we move forward in life with an inner emptiness we are much more likely to attract someone with a similar experience to us. It must be realized that there is no detachment between the spiritual and the physical world, but a continuous flow of exchange between one and the other.

When you realize that you are the source, you will walk through your life with a new perception of yourself and with a new responsibility, which is to first take care of your interior and then see the result outside, in the physical world.

The desired spiritual connection.

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To have the spiritual connection you truly desire, you must first become that higher ideal.

This means that you should recognize your divinity in yourself. You are a spirit living in a physical body in which you experience life.

When you come to make this concept a part of yourself, you will meet the person with the spiritual connection you desire.

If this concept is still away from you, but you want a real genuine connection, start with loving yourself and loving others.

But feeling perfectly complete and at peace, with no need for anyone, in the present moment.

Summarizing The Spiritual Connection With Someone: