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We are all connected

The new sciences confirm the subatomic connection of individuals

Thanks to quantum physics there seems to be a valid theory. Are we all connected?

At first it might have seemed like a new age fairy tale or excessive drug use, but certainly accompanied by a very healthy principle.

Because thinking that we are all connected, at any level, can bring with it spiritual teachings such as treating others as we treat ourselves. Or negative connotations such as being influenced by negativity someone, but for this we need a separate article, what we want to write today is on scientific theory (now practically a certainty) that becomes more and more possible, that we are really connected. In a scientific way there is the theory that shows that we are all connected.

This is from Dr. Gisin's twin photon experiment. If you haven't heard of it you can find a complete documentary on the platform of Gaia which deals with topics ranging from recent science, to spirituality, history, origin of civilizations etc ... The only flaw is that they are not information available in Italian (Available in ENG-ESP-FRA). This documentary is in the Gregg Braden's โ€œMissed Linksโ€ series , a scientist with economic power and also positioned a social level, able to access information and contexts where not everyone can access it. He is also a scholar assiduous of all the issues that may concern humanity, its origins and much more ... Him explains in a very simple way Gisin's experiment in an episode of Missed Links.

If you can't access the platform you can also read this article in English straight from the New York Times .

The particle experiment "in a nutshell"

It is assumed that we are all also composed of photons, magnifying the view, millions of times, with special equipment and entering the cells up to the maximum what is left now possible? Photons of light . Well and that's the key! (one photon for us corresponds to the void, but in reality there is matter that covers that space)

The first phase of the experiment involved taking a photon and divide it into 2 photons with identical ones features. Once this division was made it would tested the result that could have influencing a photon, trying to monitor if there had been any changes on both.

Obviously photon experiments in general in addition to unraveling that we are all connected, they also have practical uses: there are those who speak of teleportation, who instead of quantum computers, others of a kind of quantum blockchain on optical fiber and more, but we are not interested in writing in this moment.

The photon splitting process is carried out and the photons they are spaced after various tests of about 12km, a distance considerable.

On the one hand they tried to influence the photon and noticed some "movements" also on the second photon. It means than "tickling" as Gregg says in photon documentary "A", you have a reaction on photon "B".

The response time from one photon to another was practically immediate. The latter was in fact measured with very advanced time measurement technology capable of calculate enough over milliseconds and response time it's just beyond the speed of light.

What correlation is there with the fact that we are all connected?

Starting from the origin of everything! The Big Bang.

Starting from the Big Bang then passing from an explosion to the creation of the planet first and then of life is possible consider this theory. Why during the explosion would have created the same dynamic as the splitting of photons. If this corresponded to reality it could be easily deduced that we are not only connected with each other us but with everything.

Definitely an interesting theory that gives a little to think about.

The inexplicable link is perhaps not now then so inexplicable?

Have you ever felt connected to someone else person? For example a family member or a friend?

There are many people who claim to "Feel" or having perceived the status of a person from miles away, maybe after an unusual event, an accident or the like.

These people then verified by phoning and indeed it was something happened. This could perhaps be a way to give an explanation for the phenomenon? Could be the explanation of many other phenomena? We don't know, but it sure could be an interesting route from many points of view. Both from commercial side for many future entrepreneurs with computers quantum and future quantum "blockchains", which from the side staff to give answers to phenomena not yet understood.

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