What is Gratitude and how it can improve your life image

What is Gratitude and how it can improve your life

Being grateful really has a much deeper meaning, let's find out together what benefits it can bring

There is now talk of gratitude in every corner but, at times, it is difficult to understand its essence when we are too busy with our work and daily routines. In this article we address the issue from an analytical point of view rational.

What Gratitude is not.

Before analyzing the issue let's talk about what the gratidutine is not . In many current and ancient philosophical, thought or spiritual currents there is a tendency to idolize gratitude by putting it before any practice, interest or other thing. This is fine up to a point. Because taking small moments to be grateful must become a healthy habit and not an obsession that distracts us from life. The obsession is born in the moment which you realize that gratitude is an excellent technique to increase general happiness because, from a psychological point of view, it predisposes us to a status of tranquility by dissolving all resistances that we tend to create in our mind. However, the dangerous side is the obsession or addictive effect that can be created. Being grateful means acceptance of the present and gratitude for what you have and the experiences you have, so it's not trying to obsess about getting results. But a constant daily practice which then "amalgamates" with one's personality. We remember moreover, every practice done with a purpose ends up not giving the desired results if it is forced. The final result lies in the quality and truthfulness of the practice. It is the consequence of the act itself by now established in the personality of the practitioner. Gratitude is not always being nervous, stressed, unhappy and unhappy but the exact opposite.

How Gratitude Can Make Your Day Better.

In many recent books, such as in Wayne Dyer's readings, you can see that moment when you just wake up in the morning and / or at other times during the day you dedicate those good 5 minutes to practice. There The practice of Gratitude is simply giving thanks for what you have from different points of view. For example the family, work, health, experiences etc ... but let's go further I sink into the subject because it is not as simple as it seems.

Give thanks for the experiences we have.

This case series I insert it at the beginning on purpose because I think it is really very important. How many times have we not gone through bad moments in life that then resulted in something positive? A practical and super simple example it could be the following: An apparently negative event happens and then you discover that in reality it went very well for you. This simplified example is to tell you that in the practice of the gratitude is also important to include things that apparently don't seem like very happy events. This comes from the primary thinking that many cite that "nothing happens by chance". So a total view of perfection in the imperfection of events and the awareness of an intrinsic why of all things.

Be grateful for your health or even just to be here one more day.

This is by no means taken for granted. Indeed be grateful for just being there or for ours health is a fantastic practice for paying attention and not to take the fact of existing for granted . In fact, taken many times by the routines we forget the value our time here has and we don't actually know where will we be tomorrow. Also there is a tendency to think that life is in our debt while it does not it is not like that at all. So many times we hear the phrase "Live every day as if it were your last" yes it's a nice motivational quote, but it should start from being grateful and not from the opposite concept as it happens in most cases, where you think it should be done worldly life every day.

Gratitude for the profession we carry out.

How many times in the morning do you see the gray faces of perfect automatons unhappy with what they do? This dissatisfaction is super destructive and exhausting. It starts from the fact that you are not grateful for what life has given us, but we seek instead of always being opposed to life always thinking about wanting moreover, wanting things exactly the way we want them etc ... It can be summed up in a status of discontent general. Obviously the fact of performing is not contemplated the exact opposite or having no goals, ambitions or plan for future steps which is a practice in our opinion necessary.

The point is when you are not grateful for the profession that you carry out weighs you 10 times more than any assignment and yes always arrives nervous at the end of the day. Almost with conviction mental to go under torture for 8/12 hours a day and then go home investing more hours to grumble for 8/12 previous. Being grateful is also crucial when the work is not what our brains are meant for we. This is not to become passive, indeed you can conquer anything but to put us in a mental shape positive that makes us stronger. What colleagues will say when they see you arriving with absolute peace and a smile dazzling in the face? They will be thrilled if they are used to seeing you like "grumpy smurf" who hates anything. Begin to be grateful for your profession too, probably if you do, you will have many more doors open in every area, both at the level of other job opportunities and how feeling of generalized personal satisfaction.

Grateful for the family we have.

Not everyone would thank for the mother-in-law but if we look lunge the matter, observing the family of your / your her / him you may notice similar inherited characteristics, then thanks also for the mother-in-law because it helps you to understand better the partner and his / her way of seeing things. It is not from all to thank for the family you have, yet this form of gratitude is very important . Just think if it weren't for the family that has you grown up you wouldn't be the person you are now and this is already a good reason. However the practice of gratitude towards the family of origin is very useful in destroying that possible hatred or negative emotional charge that could have been created over the years.

Obviously, gratitude is not only towards the family of origin but also towards the family we have. It has never happened to you to stop for a moment and forget about the quarrels or the problems that may exist, look at the components of your family and just for a moment feel gratitude because they are close to you? I do, it often happens to me with my children and my wife. That feeling you get is exciting because it's like satisfy a side that needed someone to help them on their journey. It should be a constant to be grateful for ours family members but generally we prefer to complain about the things they don't do according to our pretentious canons to which we seek the more absurd rational explanations to make them be accept, or we try to observe what is there does not go into the next instead of making us a beautiful and sincere one self-analysis. This means that devote at least 5 minutes a day to gratitude it can make a big difference in how we approach the days in general.

Sometimes it happens, especially if you have children, to try a little resentment, perhaps because the children do not do what they do you ask. This attitude is legitimate because we want to be heard, however it is not beneficial to the relationship with our puppies. A person who harbor hatred or who it is not centered in the moment of relating to one's own family will give an excellent demonstration of not staying well at that time. Gratitude serves precisely in this case, to have a more appropriate attitude towards people around us and a positive attitude towards any situation that can occur in the family.

Conclusions on Being Grateful.

You can live in a life full of negative things, or you can live a life where you are grateful for what you have and are ready to welcome much more into your life. The predisposition you basically put it to all this. Being grateful does to alleviate a whole slew of tensions we tend to create over time. Take that attitude away a perfectionist who begins to stick to the people we have next to us and ask ourselves in a fresh and lighter way to the everyday life. Begin to accept strengths and weaknesses e understand that a negative event is not the end of world, but only a moment where we can thank for a lesson learned. Gratitude also alleviates working expectations ardently to spoil your days.

How gratitude should be.

Being grateful is certainly not sitting down thinking and saying thank you simply, but something as profound as it can change everything. It is true I have to thank, mentally or verbally but being grateful is so much more connected to what you are he feels inside and not to the objectivity of the action. If you want start being grateful you have to start feeling gratitude e don't just use the thank you as a practice to look more polite to traders in your area. You should get those 5 minutes even several times a day if you can to try to FEEL gratitude towards the areas you feel are the most important, but I think we already have in the article summary what are the areas of interest. Let us know in the comments if you have tried and what differences you notice in yours days. In a short time you will see that it will be automatic and you will also notice an increase in empathy towards people.