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What It Means To Be Spiritual

Let's see the meaning of what it means to be spiritual

Giving a dry definition of who is and who is not spiritual is quite complex. It might seem like a judgment and so I won't explain who isn't, but I'll focus more on talking about the qualities of spiritual people. Trying to make people understand only what I think is important. That is to recognize the spiritual spark that is in us.

Being spiritual brings with it many changes, let's highlight some of them.

Choose a spiritual path.

No matter the path we choose, the footprint it leaves us is more important. "

There are so many spiritual realities that it would be difficult to really list them all. A person can be born "inundated with religions" which in some cases really reach the depth of the individual (if handled correctly) other times they remain on the surface. Or we find beliefs that come from quite another place, with almost the same principles (but freer), more in contact with nature, more in contact with themselves. Eastern, Western, Christian, Muslim, religious person or non-religious person ... It doesn't matter. As long as you feel free, you feel the improvement in your life and you can feel 100% complete. If you are doing good and you are really doing well, then it is perfect.

Construction of spiritual values.

I am regularly reminded of the relativity between good and evil, but there are attitudes and actions that undoubtedly lead in bad directions, as others lead in promising directions. But many of us aware, we tend to pretend we don't know. Building values around spirituality means first of all:

  1. Already having passed the "initiation" phase . This implies with the passage of time being able to access a new perspective that has probably already brought about beautiful changes in ourselves and in our lives.
  2. We have already chosen a spiritual path or, we also like different paths. We read books on the subject and study, looking for more and more information on the topics that "intrigue" us. This makes us full and helps to create more and more of our identity within the spiritual context: This is the construction of our values and our new identity.

The Values of Life Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Spiritual maxims

Spending time with spiritual people.

To grow more in spirituality it is very important to have a spiritual context. Going out with more introspective friends can be a wonderful experience and can make it possible to discuss philosophies and beliefs, reaching really deep and important topics. The fundamental element of this is the exchange, the interaction with people outside. It is inevitable but there will be really special bonds. True friendships based on sound principles and mutual help.

Development of spiritual love.

It almost seems like a honeyed title but this is not the intention. Spiritual love is regarded as a fundamental factor. Any self-respecting spirituality has a solid foundation rooted in love.

In fact one of the main qualities that develop (to have a strong foundation) is more unconditional love for everything. For your partner, for friends, for family or love in rediscovering ourselves every day. People probably help each other more, we have the right word at the right time. Arriving in the right way to the hearts of others, to give them a hand.

A spiritual person could develop more empathy, more sensitivity towards nature, animals, the invisible. However, this is not the only thing. But it is also pure love for oneself. Being spiritual is also a way to love yourself, it is to take care of a part of yourself.

Love and wisdom

The values of Science and the Spirit proposed to the contemporary man of Leo and Viola Goldman

Things to avoid in spirituality.

It is better to avoid that spending time with spiritual people becomes the only context in which to relate. This is because in reality spirituality is not just there for us. But above all for others.

It is a lifestyle that is good for us and is good for others as well. Therefore it is better to avoid locking ourselves up where our spirituality is of little use, even if a phase of slight detachment is inevitable. But the information that is good for you and the things you learn must be shared! Giving is also an important spiritual value.

Judgment or presumption towards other spiritual groups or of philosophy different from ours.

This feature must also be absolutely avoided and unfortunately it often happens. There are the "absolute holders of truth" for example, who are the first to close themselves in their circles by judging others in the most disparate forms. Thinking: -I know everything; and observing another group or culture with the presumption that it has no value is very limiting to oneself and indicates a work to be done on oneself. The truth is, we always have a piece of the puzzle but it is never complete. Furthermore, the truths that we know may have some logic to us and we may deem our path the best, but another person may do the same thing and maybe have the same result. If you judge, however, you will never know and will probably miss other opportunities for great growth. The important thing is to discern with a good eye what "is good" and what "is not good".

How do i work? by Silvio Ciappi

Judgment, control, loss and fear

Delusions of spiritual perfection

In case a spiritual person feels bad about not being able to be perfect in daily life, it might be useful to understand that perfection does not exist (you have discovered hot water you will say). The belief that you have to be doesn't work by itself. We all have our time and we can decide to continue to perfect ourselves, the spiritual path is also this. No event is a coincidence and probably in this situation one creates one's own "spiritual plan".

Each individual has a different design with different times. The most important thing is to have a spiritual path. This is already a great gift. We are spiritual people but we are mostly people and as we know we are not perfect by nature. Furthermore, if we analyze the concept of "spiritual perfection" it already has something in itself that does not work. It is not a race. It is your personal journey, your mission. I would also be curious to understand what the parameter of perfection would be.

It is a concept that does not hold up much, despite the fact that there are figures or gurus who instead of preaching equality are victims of their own "high" ego.

Let's keep walking and working on ourselves, because this can really create a better world. With more tolerance, more love, less nastiness, more empathy and more awareness.

This is Spiritual Being.