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What workout to do in the gym to lose weight

If you want to know which workout to do to lose weight, read the article you will find many ideas

As always, the warm season is approaching and many are wondering what kind of training to choose in the gym to lose weight.

Well, today we answer this question. Before starting the explanation of the training itself there are some crucial points to consider and beliefs that need to be eliminated. It is the training that makes you lose weight: False , it helps because it is a calorie deficit that is produced.

Training without a diet can make you lose weight: Almost false. As training produces a calorie deficit and exertion helps to grow muscle mass. But, without a diet, we will never define ourselves at optimal levels. However, you can still have a better version of yourself. Or if you have a "lucky" constitution you have probably never had fat so you don't care, maybe you will need more mass.

Not my case, I had to learn to eat like most and it must be said that those who are leaner still have to learn to eat to have more muscle. Crucially, there are ways to optimize fat burning that may be more fun than going for a run and even more challenging than being under a barbell for 3-4 sets before switching muscle groups. we choose to increase the consumption of fat while maintaining a good volume is the circuit training especially if we want to have a fast enough result.

But beware, the faster you lose weight, the easier it is that you will also lose muscle mass as well as many minerals and vitamins, if you want to keep them you have to follow a diet that includes your training style, moreover it is also more difficult to maintain the "pumped" effect because the depleting sugar stocks create this "dry" effect which in some cases can be defined as "dry". But if for you as for us the ideal of a beautiful body is slender and defined (not too dry and not too round) then welcome / a in the club and let's get down to business.

Create your workout to lose weight.

It is not necessary to repeat the same exercises over and over, when you train in circuit you can also vary the routine very often, the goal is to have a beautiful 360ยบ physique by sweating and also developing new muscle fibers, but you don't necessarily have to create static routines and too much repetitive. You can work around this by simply switching tabs more often.

For example every 2/3 weeks instead of every 6 and maybe do a mix of training styles. At this stage you choose which specific goal you want to achieve. Don't be generic by saying, I want to lose weight! You want to lose weight but remember that when you "empty everything" remains what you worked.

For example, I compose my training with the parts that I want to improve, leaving behind the parts that I already have more developed, this always makes me get a better symmetry and appearance compared to the previous period. It might seem manic even if in reality it is not, but I also decide if I want to tighten one side rather than the other and if I want the rear deltoid more trained than the front etc ... Go into details.

Which exercises to choose

Choose according to your goal. There are thousands of possible exercises, but far fewer to meet your specific needs, so the more you know exactly what you want, the easier it is to choose between exercises. However at the end of the article I will leave you some practical examples that I use.

Practical examples of weight loss workouts.

In my past I have changed many sports but what I have always practiced was the gym. I was able to go through periods where I weighed 105 kg with little fat and "played" with 150 kg in bench press at periods where mass was not a priority, but I just wanted a nice body keeping on 80 kg well defined and with mainly circuit training. This is to tell you that the experience is there and what I show you below works. If you have enough tenacity to carry it out of course.

Example 1: Circuit without weights.

A great example of losing weight and gaining mass at the same time is circuit training with bodyweight exercises, this system is one of my favorites.

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Useful equipment for this type of training

1 x 5 alternate jump lunges
100 rope jumps
1 sprint for 50mt.
End of Lap: Rest one or two minutes then repeat (if you manage not to rest better and postpone the rest to the next lap until it is necessary).
Basic level 3/4 rounds, intermediate 5/6 rounds, advanced 7/10 rounds.

Week 2: The week of 7 repetitions.
Here you can repeat the same exercises or simply vary the routine but I recommend keeping them for at least 3 weeks, if those exercises are not easy for us (in order to build some foundations if we need them). For convenience I will insert another example of a card. 100 Rope Jumps.
1 x 7 normal alternating lunges
1 x 7 sumo squat
Pull-ups reverse grip 1 x 7
1 minute abdominal plank.
50 jumping Jacks
Push-ups 1 x 7
Basic level 3/4 rounds, intermediate 5/6 rounds, advanced 7/10 rounds.
Thanks to these examples you will have noticed an alternation of cardio and bodyweight exercises, they are very similar to those used to train boxers or martial arts practitioners.

Week 3 we will do 10 reps per exercise and then start over from a base of 6 reps with a new circuit by increasing 2 reps per week. You can continue up to even weeks of 15 repetitions. Meanwhile you will have a warrior physique, a racing breath and the fat will be minimized. (as long as you don't eat pasta, with pizza, bread, cheese and cream while drinking milk: D) NB: These workouts are hard and therefore always carry sweet fruit with you. Always and I always say warm up 5/10 minutes before starting with a rope, running or walking uphill on the treadmill.

Mixed circuit weights and free body.

In this case we have more choice and with the weights we go to touch only the areas that we are unable to work well for the set goal in free body. We will divide it differently from the bodyweight example, but you can also adopt the same technique above with the mixed circuit as well.Example Goal: Weight Loss + Rounder Deltoids + Improve Waist / Shoulder Ratio.
The workouts will be A / B / C to be included in your week at will, the classics are Mon, Wed, Fri and Tue, Thu, Sat choose the ones you prefer. There are no breaks between exercises and between laps unless strictly necessary.

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Useful equipment for this type of training

Training A
Squat 1 x 15 (with light weight but where good muscle work is still felt while maintaining the same weight)
Lateral raises with 1 x 12 rear deltoid dumbbells.
Push-ups 1 x 15 (if you want to work the inner line, do it partially with your hands together, otherwise do it classic by extending your arms almost completely at the end of the movement).
Pull-ups 1 x 5/6 (no need for exhaustion, you're just keeping this part)
100 rope jumps
Chin pulls with dumbbells or 1 x 15 bar (think about the correct posture it also helps you to catch your breath)
Wooden pole torso twists 1 x 50 (think muscle twitch and don't use your arms to move the pole, just use your abdomen).
Basic 3 laps, intermediate 4/5 laps, advanced 6 laps. (when we say advanced is advanced, force yourself but listen to your body if you have signs of too much physical failure stop! You will become advanced if you protect yourself).

Workout B
Leg extension 1 x 15
Front raises with 1 x 15 dumbbells
Free squats 1 x 10 (it's just a booster, we purposely lower the reps)
Rear deltoid openings to the machine 1 x 15
Push-ups 1 x 8/10 (Relax here you did in workout A more fatigue, this only recalls the chest if you have pains from workout A skip the exercise directly by inserting another one of your interest).
Classic 1 x 15 crunches (these inflate the abdomen like any other exercise inflate other muscles, if you have a wide waist replace with plank and pole twists)
Lying on the ground pelvis raises with one leg 1 x 15 per leg.
100 rope jumps. Basic 3 laps, intermediate 4 laps, advanced 5+.

Training C
100 rope jumps
10 push-ups
100 rope jumps
10 squats
100 rope jumps
6 pull-ups
100 rope jumps
10 lateral raises for rear delts
100 rope jumps
15 reverse crunches
15/20 minutes of walking uphill on the treadmill (4.5 - 5km / h). at the end, do 1 round only. Basic 10 reps, intermediate 15 reps and advanced 20 reps.
The maximum duration is 4 weeks then it must be modified. As mentioned, the frequency can be arranged in 3 days and we recommend alternating as follows: Monday: A, Wednesday: B, Friday: C; week after C, A, B; week after B, C, A etc ...

Weights only circuit

We only use weights in this other variation of circuit training. There are 3 training days and to vary we will divide the week into: Workout 1 strength, Workout 2 mass / strength, Workout 3 definition.

Training 1
The fundamentals + cardio.
Warm up very well for this workout.
In this workout we train strength so weights at 80% of our 1 RM. Slow with 1 x 5 barbell
1 x 5 bar pull
Squat 1 x 5
Bench 1 x 5
Crunch 1 x 15Base 3 laps, intermediate 4 laps, advanced 5+ laps at the end of the workout include 15 minutes of walking uphill on a treadmill.

Workout 2
We raise the reps, we decrease the weights + cardio.
Chin pulls with 1 x 7 barbell
Leg extension 1 x 7
1 x 7 pulley horizontal drive
Reverse Crunches 1 x 15
1 x 7 dumbbell curls
1 x 7 Tricep High Cable Press
Leg curl 1 x 7Base 3 rounds, intermediate 4, advanced 5+.
15 minutes of walking uphill on the treadmill at the end of the workout.

Training 3
We raise the reps again, we decrease the weights enough + cardio. In this case we will amaze the muscles with a different technique. Slow forward in superset with lateral raises for 1 x 15 rear delts
repeat 3 times, pause one minute at the end of each superset. 100 jumps with the rope (at the change of muscle group). Push-ups 1 x 15 in superset with inclined bench with 1 x 15 dumbbells.
(3 total laps and one minute of recovery each lap). 100 jumps with the rope. Lat machine tractions wide grip in superseries with โ€œTโ€ row on the horizontal cable or 1 x 15 machine (3 total laps and one minute of recovery each lap). 100 rope jumps. Free squats in superset with lunges without weights 1 x 15 (attention 15 per leg).
(3 laps + one minute of recovery after each lap). At the end of the workout, the classic 15-minute uphill walk or, if you want to vary, do an elliptical bike.
In this case we used the rope to keep the beats a little higher every time we moved from one muscle group to another.

Circuit in the gym to lose weight

Here we are with the most awaited circuit. We choose a simple but effective variant to apply when you prefer.

We set it up so that you can be autonomous in choosing the exercises, so we list the muscle group but not the exact exercise, you can choose any exercise for that muscle group and change it whenever you want.

Training A

In this workout we will train Shoulders and Legs.

The total of exercises for each muscle group should be 4 exercises and the repetitions of each set 12.

For example 4 shoulder exercises: Lateral raises, dumbbell military press, front raises, chin pull-ups with the cable horizontal in front of the face.

Leg exercises example: Squat, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Romanian half deadlifts.


Combine 4 exercises (2 legs and 2 shoulders) with a weight of 60% of your usual training weight and do 2 circuits of 4 laps each.

Something like this would come out.

Circuit 1 training 1

Perform the following exercises in a row for 4 laps (pause at the end of each lap of 1 minute and at the end of the 4 laps 3 minutes recovery): Military press dumbbells + Squat + pulls to the chin with the horizontal cable + leg Curl

Circuit 2 training 1

Do the following exercises in a row for 4 laps (same rule as before): Lateral raises + lunges + front raises + Romanian half deadlifts.

At the end of each workout of the program, remember to do 10/15 min. walking uphill with the treadmill, speed of 5/6 km / h.

Workout B

Now that with example 1 you will surely understand how it works, I will list the muscle groups and you will be free to create your own combinations. I generally always choose the exercises that are "worst" to me + the fundamentals to improve symmetry.

In this workout he trains: Back and Chest in the same style as above.

Training C

In the third workout, recover what you left behind.

Muscle groups: Biceps, Triceps, Calf and Trapezius.

Example circuit 1: 1 of biceps + 1 of triceps + 1 of calf + 1 of trapezius for four total laps.

Example circuit 2: 1 of biceps + 1 of triceps + 1 of calf + 1 of trapezius for four total laps.

Here the cardio at the end of the workout increase it to 20 min. of walking uphill.

That's it for today with training circuits to lose weight but the possibilities are endless.
Your effort today is your success tomorrow. Good workout.